Link Your Shopify Store to Mailchimp. In this informative article, you’ll learn to link your Shopify shop to Mailchimp.

For connecting your Shopify shop to Mailchimp you’ll want to install a third-party integration or utilize our custom web site rule. According to the technique you decide on, you could add clients to your market, access powerful ecommerce features, or produce more targeted content

In this specific article, you’ll learn to link your Shopify store to Mailchimp.

Before starting

Here are some things that are key should be aware before you will get started.

The Mailchimp for Shopify integration continues to be open to you if you should be currently deploying it, it is no further readily available for brand new packages.

We highly recommend installing a third-party integration, marriagemindedpeoplemeet delete account like ShopSync or any other provider, just before disconnect the Mailchimp for Shopify integration. When you install another integration, disconnect Mailchimp for Shopify.

If you opt to disconnect the Mailchimp for Shopify application before setting up a third-party integration, promotions such as a item suggestion block could be disrupted. In order to prevent any mistakes, we recommend pausing your active automations and produce new people when you’ve set up the brand new integration.

To understand just how to migrate your automations to ShopSync, take a look at how to switch from Mailchimp for Shopify to ShopSync.

If the integration is eliminated, historic information will continue to be in Mailchimp for approximately 1 month. From then on point, purchase information, plus some client information, will not be noticeable in Mailchimp.

How to link

You can find a few methods for you to definitely make use of Shopify with Mailchimp. Have a look at these choices to get the solution that really works for you personally.

Connect ShopSync
ShopSync is our suggested integration allowing you to connect your Shopify shop to Mailchimp. Once you link Mailchimp with ShopSync, we’ll improve your audience that is mailchimp with customer’s email, title, purchase information, and custom fields like birthdays and telephone numbers.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations, like Zapier, and, support nearly all of our effective ecommerce tools, like syncing store information, triggering automations, and much more.

Include site that is mailchimp to Shopify

Mailchimp provides a customized rule that you could embed on your own Shopify shop to trigger particular features like pop-up kinds and ads that are retargeting.

Here you will find the features which can be supported by each technique.

ShopSync Zapier Mailchimp web Site Code
Sync connections
buy Activity Segmentation
E-commerce Tracking and Reports
Product information Block
Product advice information Block
Promo Code Content Block
Order Notifications
Abandoned Cart Automations
Product Retargeting Emails
Pop-up Signup Form
Bing Remarketing Ads
Merge Tags
cost to get in touch Shopify Free opening at $20/month beginning at $25/month totally totally Free

If these fit that is don’t needs, our directory includes various other third-party integrations that work nicely with Mailchimp.

Relate genuinely to ShopSync

Use ShopSync to deliver your Shopify order and customer information to Mailchimp. When you link, you can easily produce targeted promotions, attract new customers, and access the majority of our key ecommerce features.

To set up the integration, you will need to log on to your Mailchimp account through the ShopSync software web web page.

  1. Get on your Shopify store.
  2. Simply Simply Simply Click App Store.
  3. Discover the ShopSync listing and Add that is click application.
  4. Simply Simply Simply Click Install App.
  5. Simply Simply Simply Click Connect.
  6. When you look at the window that is pop-up input your Mailchimp credentials and then click Log In.
  7. When you link, decide on a list, choose your dual opt-in settings, and map merge tags.
  8. Simply Click Begin Sync.

That is it! ShopSync will quickly sync your shop information to Mailchimp. Enough time it can take to sync hinges on account information together with true wide range of requests in your shop.

The Support tab to view your customer support options after your sync is complete, click. Right Here, you are able to update to ShopSync’s pro access and plan talk and email help.

To understand just how to migrate your automations to ShopSync, have a look at

Make use of a integration that is third-party

We now have identified a few third-party integrations, including Zapier, and, that provide the capacity to connect your Mailchimp account to Shopify.

Connect Zapier

Utilize Zapier for connecting your Shopify shop to Mailchimp and deliver abandoned cart automations, purchase notifications, and much more.

Here’s how exactly to make use of Zapier in order to connect your Mailchimp account with Shopify.

  1. Log on to Zapier and then click Make a Zap!
  2. Choose Shopify as your trigger software and select the function that you would like to trigger a Zap.
  3. Click Save + Keep.
  4. Simply Click Connect an Account and get on your Shopify shop.
  5. Simply Simply Click Save + Maintain.
  6. Simply Click Add one step and choose Mailchimp as your action software.
  7. Pick the Mailchimp action that you would like to see following the occasion is triggered and then click Save + keep.
  8. Click Connect a free account.
  9. When you look at the window that is pop-up input your Mailchimp login qualifications and then click Log In.
  10. Simply Click Save + Maintain.

That is it! You have connected your Mailchimp account to Shopify using Zapier after you configure your action settings and turn on the Zap.


Use for connecting your Shopify shop to Mailchimp. Once you link, create targeted campaigns, send abandoned cart automations, and much more.

In order to connect your Shopify shop to Mailchimp utilizing Automate, follow these actions.

  1. Get on your Click and account create a Bot.
  2. Choose Shopify as your Trigger software and choose a trigger occasion.
  3. Choose Mailchimp once the Action software.
  4. Within the window that is pop-up input your Mailchimp credentials and then click Log In.
  5. Select Mailchimp action that you would like to see following the occasion is triggered.
  6. Proceed with the actions to map the areas and configure the action.
  7. Simply Click Save.

That is it! Switch on the bot along with your Shopify store will get in touch to Mailchimp.

Include Mailchimp code to Shopify

Include Mailchimp’s web web site code to your Shopify shop to manually link it to Mailchimp. This process enables you to use forms that are pop-up Google remarketing ads, but won’t permit you to access our other e-commerce features like item guidelines and reports.

This might be an advanced level task and is recommended for users acquainted with customized coding. If you want support, speak to your designer or hire a Mailchimp Professional.

Get custom site rule

To gain access to your website rule in Mailchimp, follow these actions.

  1. Log on to your Mailchimp account.
  2. Navigate towards the Integrations web page.
  3. Within the Personalized site area, click Personalized site.
  4. Into the Enter web site Address field, input your internet site URL
  5. Click on the choose market to connect menu that is drop-down and select an market.
  6. Click Get Code.
  7. Copy the code to your clipboard.

Sweet work! Next, you are going to add the website that is custom to your Shopify store.

Paste custom web site rule in Shopify

To add your custom code that is website your Shopify store, follow these steps.

  1. In a brand new web browser tab or screen, get on your Shopify account.
  2. When you look at the remaining navigation menu, click on the web store drop-down and click Themes.
  3. In the Themes web web web page, click on the Actions drop-down menu and click Edit rule.
  4. Click header. Liquid to modify the header rule.
  5. Paste the rule right before the closing label.
  6. When you’re done, come back to the Integrations web page in Mailchimp and click Check Connection.

That’s it! Soon after we verify your connection, you will see a verification message and start to become rerouted towards the details web page for the web web site.

Next actions

You can access certain tools from the site details page such as product retargeting emails, pop-up signup forms, Google remarketing ads, and more after you successfully add the Mailchimp site code to your store.

Take a look at these guides to find out more.

Syncing items

You can easily sync services and products immediately with this available API. If you need assist coding, take a look at our e-commerce API guide or form teams with a Mailchimp Professional.

Technical Support

Have actually another question? Paid users can sign in for chat or email help.

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