I’m an individual mom of 4. We work on a domestic physical violence shelter.

I was told my car has a crack in the engine valve and it will cost $900 omg i california payday loans cannot afford this yesterday. We will need to quit my task because we cannot get working. We attempted walking but its past an acceptable limit, and im afraid because the midnight is worked by me change. We do not understand what to do I am all alone and my young ones rely on me personally. Im destroyed now.

Hi I am Christie simply wondering in regards to the system s to greatly help a solitary woman ive constantly did it ALL. But I’m therefore tired my refrigerator is empty an u.s. How to proceed but it is crazy I need help please

Hello i would like emergency help out of our bad situation for me my 2 children and my unborn child to get us. Many Many Thanks

No cash is available funds echausted at dss. We have called for all week spoke to Lynn sprisuce. Hello i will be writing to you personally as my final measure.? I have always been 35 yrs. Old have already been hitched for 10 wonderful years 2 young ones and 3 action kiddies. I experienced a us fantasy life! We did exactly what every class that is middle did sports holidays lake camping very active. My hubby ended up being a shop supervisor for the chain that is retail keeping for several years worked their way all of the method from a bagger. We now have 2 kids together many years 10 and 13 both daddies girls to the extream. He had been here every thing. It had been febuary 2014 Brian arrived house from working the closing change at the job and I also met him in the home he stated he had been maybe not experiencing well their legs felt as it hurt if they were being shocked and! He was told by me possibly he simply had a need to log off of their foot some. He went along to sleep and woke up nevertheless in discomfort. A few times later on it had been stated by him was difficult to carry their base up or place any fat on their feet in which he would not feel right. After a few a long time of negation we convienced him to visit the er and let’s check up on it. We did they took blood did xrays nothing major at all is bloodstream cellular count had been elevated some inflamation is really what the Dr said so we said okay went home. Couple weeks later ditto. I became talking to a household buddy and so they said it feels like a thing that is neurological get visit a neurologist. Week so I made a appointment to see one that next. I experienced no clue what to anticipate we went in he examined Brian. He had been 350 pounds 6ft 5inches solid mussel the Dr said did you ever hear of als we stated no Brian said yes he said it appears to be just like the very very early indications of it. We stated well the facts he said our company is perhaps perhaps maybe not planning to talk about any of it simply schedule ensure that you we did mri pet scan spinal faucet we did every thing some test two times with every negative we got the als likelihood ended up being loooking stronger we were delivered to a professional in Winston Salem NC by the end of Feb we pulled as much as the clinic plus it checks out ALS Clinic. We destroyed it. I’d been on the pc and enucated myself concerning this monster. He made me dry it up while he stated so we went in lot of hours later many more ensure that you a few Dr’s we got the news als. I became devestated We knew it had been terminal and 2-5 yrs at most of the. We did and left the two hr drive house me personally twlling him they made a blunder now him. No one was told by us our children are young he could be there every thing. At the same time beganing og march he was employing a walker and then he had been positioned on fmla by their work because he had been at a danger of dropping! We worked a time that is full additionally. Girls becsame used to him coming to house. Because of the end of September 2014 he had been positioned on term disability that is long. In November 2014 he had been having problems breathing we remained within the hospital for 15 times.! Brian never ever moved once again he became paralized legs and hands We quit my work in October to look after him on a regular basis. He was fed by me changed him dressed him such a thing he required done I happened to be it. Girls would clean their teeth and feed him frozen dessert. That they had to simply help me personally a great deal providing up there play time ar whatever never ever reported simply the brand brand new normal. Brian had a sstrong faith and adored us a great deal. Might 16 2015 Brian woke me personally up at 745 and said simply how much he lobed me personally and constantly had and certainly will. Just How strong of a female I became and ended up being therefore thankful him and did not just throw him aside I replaied I told u I would never leave you and I want you are my sould mate he smiled and said he was tired and was gonna take a nap that I took care of. That has been the final terms we ever believed to each other Brian slipped right into a coma as soon as we awoke he had been into the phases of their human anatomy shutting down. We called 911 they came Dr talked me his diaohram was closing and I needed to make a decision with me and told. Brian is at comfort he will never have desired to be placed on life help at 1245 Brian passed on.

Coming house telling my children which was the hardest thing i’ve ever done.

Andt then it strikes me personally he could be gone all things are gone i actually do perhaps perhaps not work in which he made an income of 80000.00 per year along with him being gone their long haul is fully gone additionally exactly what and exactly how had been we gonna make it. No savings were had by us left our away from pocket that als took from us had been more than 60000.00 bucks. I experienced to create a payment plan up when it comes to funeral. I will be nevertheless fightening met life for insurance he elected coverage that is differnt Jan whenever enrollment had been available and got sick in march and they’re giving me personally a fit. So we have actually absolutely nothing except surviver benefits my rent will not be compensated since he passed on we anticipate a eviction notice anyday now we haven’t any cash for deposits to go and then we just recieve 869 for every single of my girls. We need help within the worst means At long last got work but i will be currently up to now behind today my electric bill ended up being due it absolutely was 393 dollars my paycheck ended up being 411 stop are at 5 today I can not get any help I do not know what to do my kids start school the end of the month I can not but clothes with what! So I paid the bill! And they’ve got always had these things we can perhaps not get obtain a 5.00 pack of socks that is a gallon on milk and a loaf of bread. I actually do maybe maybe not understand me or not but please please let me know!! My landloard called me today and said I had to have rent month by the end of the week if you can help. Can u help me to We have tried everything Thanks delivered from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on th

I pray that you heal honey I know it was a couple of years ago but my God you may be a solid woman that has been through therefore much bless your heart and I also wish you discovered help sweetheart! Maybe make an effort to take up a go investment menon fb or take to the churches If only I really could help their during my prayers!