Biology as a science. Techniques of scientific information. levels of organization in the living

Biology function in the formation of contemporary organic science picture on the world

Biology – a set of Life Sciences. The topic of biology are all manifestations of life: structure and function of living factors, their diversity, origins and improvement, as well as interaction together with the environment. The main job of biology as a science consists in the interpretation of each of the phenomena of nature on a scientific basis, bearing in mind that the integrity from the physique inherent properties, is fundamentally unique from its elements. At present, the biology contain various sciences, which will be organized around the following criteria: around the topic and the prevailing methods of investigation and from the amount of organization of wildlife. On the subject of study biological sciences divided into bacteriology, botany, virology, zoology, mycology.

The techniques and objects of study in biology, and the part of biology in the formation of natural-scientific picture with the world

The object from the study of biology is life in all its manifestations – the evolution and distribution of life on the planet, its structure, functioning of processes, classification, relationships of organisms with each other and with all the environment. Biology solutions are named solutions implemented by scientists to obtain new expertise about living organisms. The fundamental rule for any scientist may be the principle of “take nothing for granted” – each phenomenon must be accurately studied and it must be received trustworthy know-how.

Knowledge with the biosphere guide humanity to produce forecasts of long-term and cheap essay writing service short-term processes inside the planet and try to manage them. So, being aware of the function of green plants within the formation of your oxygen environment of your planet – one understands the importance of forest conservation. Possessing information of your relationships of organisms – now mankind has last minute essay com no dangerous experiments around the introduction of a stable ecosystem of new animals and plants, it’s even spelled out in international law. Presently in California, the problem became an introduced species that suppress useful relict species of local flora. Biological science can resolve several of the concerns with food safety. The improvement of new varieties of plants and animal species, can increase productivity, defend crops from pests, boost agricultural productivity.